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The solution to your tooth abscess related problems

Root canal related problems can trigger extremely painful sensation or swelling related experience. The solution is to undergo root canal therapy procedure conducted by expert dentists. The cost of treatment can be exorbitant for patients but with affordable root canal treatment in UAE, one can avail of excellent curative care at reasonable prices. Get in touch with us to avail our offer pricing of 123 for root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy is recommended for repairing and salvaging decaying or infection afflicted teeth. Dental clinics in UAE offer the services of experienced and proficient teeth experts who with the help of state of the art treatment infrastructure can provide you much-needed respite from tooth induced pain and infections.Contrary to the prevailing conception about the pain associated with a root canal, dentists at dental Hospital in Abu Dhabi use advanced procedures that make lingering and raging pain from your teeth go away by removing tooth pulp and sealing the tooth’s inside after thorough cleansing.

Need for root canal therapy

At the tooth’s center, there is a chamber that houses soft pulp made up of blood vessels, nerve, and connective tissues. From the legs or root of the tooth, nerve moves into the pulp region and helps in experiencing hot or cold sensation while eating or drinking something. This root canal nerve’s presence is not vital for proper functioning of teeth. Once damage occurs to a pulp, it disintegrates and bacterial growth takes place within the pulp chamber.

Bacteria along with dried out pulp parts can lead to filling of pus at tooth root’s end causing an abscess. The root canal infection can assume dreadful proportions as apart from gum swelling, nearby regions in neck or face can also experience painful in tumescence. The bone at tooth root’s tip any undergoes spontaneous shortening. Holes may appear at sides of infected teeth through which pus may be drained into gums, thus causing further complications. Affordable root canal treatment in UAE helps you decisively fight this tooth menace.

Irritation, inflammation or infection of the pulp can take place if your teeth have been subjected to dental procedures at frequent intervals, or deep running decay has occurred, or tooth filling for large cavities has taken place, or the tooth has cracked, or your face has undergone traumatic experience due to an accident etc. Cheap root canal treatment in UAE will offer you decisive relief from such painful condition.

Symptoms indicating need for root canal therapy

You can understand that it is high time to get a root canal procedure if any of the following symptoms show up.
• Intense or throbbing pain experienced when tooth is subjected to pressure or    when you chew food with infected teeth
• Protracted sensitivity and pain when something hot or cold comes in contact    with the teeth and the sensation persists even after removal of such items
• Affected teeth starts to get discolored with the texture becoming dark
• Gums in immediate contact with the infected teeth starts to swell or become    tender
• Pimples persist or recur in the gummy region

Root canal treatment in UAE is done by expert endodontists with more than ten years of relevant experience. As such, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while undergoing the procedure and afterward when you are recuperating.

Root canal procedure
X-ray is taken of the infected teeth to determine the root canal’s shape and to assess the spread of infection to the adjacent bone. Local anesthesia is used for numbing the region around the tooth. Expert dentists then put a rubber sheet around the tooth to prevent saliva from wetting the area while treatment is in progress. Next, a hole would be drilled in the tooth to access the pulp chamber. With the help of root canal files of varying diameters, pulp and associated debris, as well as bacteria, are flushed out. The pulp chamber’s entire length is scraped and scrubbed with the help of progressively increasing files to ensure that any remnant is not left behind. Sodium hypochlorite is intermittently applied for washing away the pulp particles. Next, the tooth is sealed but the period within which sealing is to be done depends on the discretion of dentist. The procedure is usually completed in two or more visits. If the dentist detects an infection within the tooth, he would apply medication to cure it completely before applying the sealant. If everything is fine, the tooth is sealed on the same day as the therapy is completed.If therapy extends beyond one visit, the dentist applies a temporary filling on the drilled hole to prevent entry of contaminants. Sealing is done with sealer paste and gutta-percha, a rubber compound forced in the root canal. With cheap root canal in UAE performed by best dentists, you can rest assured that your tooth would be optimally restored. Dentists usually place a crown on the tooth to prevent any further chipping or decaying. Root canal treatment in UAE is the most feasible option for sufferers as root canal treatment rates are lowest and most affordable over here.

Root Canal Therapy cost
Dental clinics in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and rest of UAE are your one stop destinations to secure the best and most affordable therapeutic care for your abscessed teeth. The therapy cost depends on the extent of the infection or decay inside the pulp chamber and the severity with which the affected tooth and surrounding areas have been afflicted. If the patient has a dental insurance policy in his/ her name, the medical facilities further step up the prices. The approximate costs for a root canal treatment performed on incisor can be in the range of 600AED to 1,000 AED. The fees of endodontists would be over and above this. However, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE,endodontic treatment can be availed at cheaper rates with expert dentists attending to your teeth abscess. Reach us for more details. We have the best experts fortified with remarkable qualifications and sophisticated tools and technologies.


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