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First Aid Tips for Common Tooth Injuries

The tooth is the only part of the body which can’t repair itself. If you break a bone, it’ll heal within months because of its natural ability to rejoin. But teeth lack this special ability, thus you need to consult an endodontist so as to repair ailments regarding the teeth. Injury complaints are so often in children and sportspersons. Normally, sportspersons wear a mouth guard in order to avoid dental injuries. Don’t worry if you accidentally lose your teeth, or other injuries occurred, the dental experts can fix your teeth to the previous form. Consult the best dentist in Abu Dhabi to avail the treatment for injuries and breakages.

Dental Injuries in Sports

Injuries in sports are never rare. Sports is always associated with injuries, thus sports persons are supposed to wear mouth guards to protect themselves from dental injuries. The dentistry concerned with sports injuries covers all the related issues such as the erosive nature of sports drinks, the substance abuse in athletes, lose a part of tooth, injuries happened in the gum etc. It is reported that, of all sports, basketball and baseball playing caused more dental injuries. You should have an idea about the best dental clinics in UAE in case an immediate treatment is indispensable at the moment.

 Avulsed Tooth

The avulsed tooth can be replanted within a few minutes and the body will recognize and start functioning of the tooth as in the previous form, along with, the roots of the same could be reattached. The patient’s age is important in doing this. Push the teeth firmly to the socket but care to give mild pressure as harsh pressing would result in more bleeding. Care to soak the teeth in the saliva but be very cautious about swallowing the teeth accidentally. This replant cannot be successful as the socket may decline the tooth to get attached again. See a dentist as early as possible after taking these measures. Approach the reliable and best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi without further delay. This is about accidental avulsion of tooth and not about baby/primary tooth as doing this to a naturally avulsed primary tooth will affect the permanent tooth which is about to sprout. Also, don’t do this if the tooth is displaced especially when it has moved deeper towards the gum or jaw. Don’t attempt to touch or reposition it instead consult a specialized medical centre in Abu Dhabi as soon as possible. The procedures of treatment should be determined as per the movement of the tooth.

Broken Tooth

Take a good care of the broken teeth. Don’t try to touch it frequently as it may result in the nerve damage. The broken part could be fixed by a dentist using the tooth-coloured bonding materials which won’t augment or look clingy. Collect the lost tooth fragment if possible. This may help the dentist to make use of the same piece for bounding your tooth.

 Tooth Crack

This is more serious than a chip/break as intensive damage might have occurred in the gum. Avoid biting with this tooth and don’t wiggle with it. The cracked tooth is extremely sensitive and cannot stand extra pressure, heat, cold etc. If the crack is too deep that it even extends below the gum or it almost exposes the tooth pulp, the chances are less to retain the tooth. You should rely on your doctor completely to fix this issue.

As cracks in the tooth are more often in children, pay a visit to the Paediatric dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to cure your child’s teeth injury. If the tooth has a crack, the child feels difficulty in chewing or closes the teeth with the pursuing pain. It is important to use the cracked teeth very mildly as biting hard will make it even worse. Never stay long with the cracked teeth. Treat it immediately by approaching a good dentist in Abu Dhabi.

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