Do you suffer from inflammation in the gums? Gingivectomy could be an option.

Whenever we talk about dental care, our all focus comes on preventing cavities only but there is one more part where we should also pay attention, which is our Gums. Gums play an integral role in the overall dental health. When we try to clean out teeth we brush very hard or vigorously and forget that gums are also there and subsequently harm them. We forget that Gums are very delicate tissues and can easily get damaged with hard brushing. And sometimes flossing can also harm Gums if not done properly.

With all these factors and without proper dental hygiene with time you get prone to Gum diseases’ like gingivitis or periodontitis as bacteria remains in the mouth and plaque get formed. As per pediatric dental clinic in Abu Dhabi, these bacteria further cause inflamed gums. Initially, you won’t get much impacted but as the time passes it will get worse and will result in swollen, red, and bleeding gums. A toxic substance is released by the bacteria which cause the infection and harm the gums. The inflammation and infection caused by the bacteria gradually degrade the gums and jawbones too, which can further lead to lose your teeth if not treated on time.

So it is always advisable to treat the Gingivitis by Gingivectomy on time by the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. The experienced doctors or surgeons who perform the dental procedure in Abu Dhabi are well known for Gingivectomy. Now let’s understand the Gingivectomy in detail.

Gingivectomy what is it?

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In Gingivectomy, a portion of the gums is totally removed from in & around the tooth, to treat the gum disease or height or width of the section of the teeth or tooth is lengthened. In this only a partial part of the gums is being removed, not the entire gum. It is recommended to get it done by the dentist who is well trained in periodontal surgery. Many pediatric dental clinics in Abu Dhabi offer this surgery at very nominal cost and have experts who perform Gingivectomy surgery.

How Gingivectomy surgery or procedure is being performed?

Experts or dental surgeon who does a dental procedure in Abu Dhabi do Gingivectomy either by a surgical scalpel or at a time with the laser of low-frequency. The impacted tissue in the gums is trimmed and then removes. After which remaining gums will be reattached around and in the teeth with the help of stitches. Then the area is well cleaned with special rinses and saline. During the procedure, a local anesthetic can be used to make patient in a comfortable position. Once the procedure is done or completed, a dressing is done in and around the gums and teeth, this dressing is kept for a week’s time and anti-bacteria mouthwash is used for healing.

Is there any care is required after getting Gingivectomy?

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As per the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi within a month a patient gets recovered. Although a routine follow-up or checkup is required to ensure that surgery success. And the patient should visit the clinic twice a year to get the cleaning done around the surgical area.

The professionals who do the dental procedure in Abu Dhabi would also recommend a regular visit to the clinic should be done at least twice a year for preventing any dental issues.

Gingivectomy is the most cost-effective, easy, and common dental procedure, which benefits the customer with a remarkable recovery. Ensure to get it done by the trained or experienced dental surgeon only, to ensure no collateral damage. But we should also follow the regular dental care at home to ensure a good dental health.

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