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Best laser treatment available in Abu Dhabi

The shining crystal white teeth are one thing that everyone adores. Such teeth will enhance the beauty of one’s smile and is even compared to the ever shining beautiful pearl. But various exposures caused to teeth may leave it yellowish or stained despite how neatly you brush. Making use of laser teeth whitening technology, an apparent change could be visible as the product is used in the tooth enamel, not just on the outer surface. With the introduction of laser teeth whitening technology the traditional modes of teeth whitening were now least chosen as laser whitening technology reduces the pain, effort and risk. Besides, it is said to be the easiest and fastest way to acquire whiter teeth. But it’s up to your doctor to decide whether you can perform it or not as product safety and efficacy is indispensable for the better results with zero side effects. However, ensure that you receive the best laser treatment available in Abu Dhabi.

The people who have the habit of drinking too much tea and coffee, smoking habit, chewing pan etc are more likely to have constant yellowish teeth. The frequent use of pan and tobacco will leave filthy stain on your teeth forever that could only be cleaned by a dentist. A demerit to say about this technology is that it is quite expensive compared to the other whitening methods.

Why Laser Treatment?

 With laser teeth whitening technology, risk of developing sensitivity and other irritations are comparatively less. Bleach that has hydrogen peroxide content will be applied to each tooth and the laser generates the sufficient heat making it perfectly function. A strong bleaching gel is enhanced for quick visible result. Lips, gums or any other oral parts won’t be damaged as a result of this. Dentists will give certain precautions to preclude tooth sensitivity such as cheek retractors, application of desensitizing fluoride product or paste, placing soft dams to protect the gums etc. Consult the best dentist in Abu Dhabi for this treatment because precautions are always rightly done by the veterans.

You just need a few visits to the dental clinic since the treatment won’t take more than an hour, you don’t have to spend more time for this treatment and it is least painful too. The cost of treatment may vary but usually higher than all other methods, but the money is reasonable since the benefit of laser treatment is faultless and perfect. But you should choose a best dental clinic in UAE for laser teeth whitening treatment as surety in effectiveness is inevitable in this costly procedure. Often, doctors may suggest a few more treatments along with this so as to accomplish the perfect desired results. After the treatment, it’s up to you to take care of your teeth from future staining and maintain the perfect whiteness that got right after the treatment. Dentists will help you with that by providing bleaching trays to use at home. You have to go through a dental examination before and after the treatment. The laser teeth whitening treatment in UAE is being so popular among the people.

Thus, so as to acquire a fast, visible, desired change with no side effects, laser treatment is the best option rather than using the teeth whitening products available in the market like whitening pens, strips etc if you could afford the treatment charge.

What to do against Sensitivity and Discoloration after Teeth Whitening?

If sensitivity persists after the treatment, you have options in front of you to reduce them. They are:-

  • Use of sensitivity toothpaste: As they are formulated with ingredients such as potassium nitrate which helps to relieve the pain caused by the tooth sensitivity.
  • Constant chewing: This will produce more saliva in the mouth. Saliva has got the ability to heal the oral pain. Try to chew something like chewing gum.
  • Avoid food and beverages that cause stain: Food materials that discolour your teeth should be abandoned or limit the use. Coffee, tea, wine, certain drinks, berries, sauce etc can cause discoloration in the teeth.
  • Quit Smoking and Chewing of pan: Tobacco stains your teeth, cause bad breath and other oral problems. Eliminate smoking in order to maintain the whiteness, hygiene and health of the teeth
  • Use a straw to drink: This will hinder drinking beverages which have stain-causing dyes in it from having contact with the teeth.


Follow these tips to keep your teeth white and healthy. The laser treatment doesn’t make your teeth fight against the discoloration, so it’s very important to maintain the effectiveness. The type of laser treatment will be decided by the dentist and s/he will discuss it with you. Choose the best dentist in UAE to reduce the risk. Most commonly, the argon laser is used for the whitening treatment. The heat and chemicals transmitted by the laser will speed up the chemical reaction which makes the whitening faultless. For the perfect laser teeth whitening treatment in UAE, visit the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to get the enchanting smile that everyone adores.

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