Do you suffer from inflammation in the gums? Gingivectomy could be an option.

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Whenever we talk about dental care, our all focus comes on preventing cavities only but there is one more part where we should also pay attention, which is our Gums. Gums play an integral role in the overall dental health. When we try to clean out teeth we brush very hard or vigorously and forget that gums are also there and subsequently harm them. We forget that Gums are very delicate tissues and can easily get damaged with hard brushing. And sometimes flossing can also harm Gums if not done properly.

With all these factors and without proper dental hygiene with time you get prone to Gum diseases’ like gingivitis or periodontitis as bacteria remains in the mouth and plaque get formed. As per pediatric dental clinic in Abu Dhabi, these bacteria further cause inflamed gums. Initially, you won’t get much impacted but as the time passes it will get worse and will result in swollen, red, and bleeding gums. A toxic substance is released by the bacteria which cause the infection and harm the gums. The inflammation and infection caused by the bacteria gradually degrade the gums and jawbones too, which can further lead to lose your teeth if not treated on time.

So it is always advisable to treat the Gingivitis by Gingivectomy on time by the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. The experienced doctors or surgeons who perform the dental procedure in Abu Dhabi are well known for Gingivectomy. Now let’s understand the Gingivectomy in detail.

Gingivectomy what is it?

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In Gingivectomy, a portion of the gums is totally removed from in & around the tooth, to treat the gum disease or height or width of the section of the teeth or tooth is lengthened. In this only a partial part of the gums is being removed, not the entire gum. It is recommended to get it done by the dentist who is well trained in periodontal surgery. Many pediatric dental clinics in Abu Dhabi offer this surgery at very nominal cost and have experts who perform Gingivectomy surgery.

How Gingivectomy surgery or procedure is being performed?

Experts or dental surgeon who does a dental procedure in Abu Dhabi do Gingivectomy either by a surgical scalpel or at a time with the laser of low-frequency. The impacted tissue in the gums is trimmed and then removes. After which remaining gums will be reattached around and in the teeth with the help of stitches. Then the area is well cleaned with special rinses and saline. During the procedure, a local anesthetic can be used to make patient in a comfortable position. Once the procedure is done or completed, a dressing is done in and around the gums and teeth, this dressing is kept for a week’s time and anti-bacteria mouthwash is used for healing.

Is there any care is required after getting Gingivectomy?

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As per the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi within a month a patient gets recovered. Although a routine follow-up or checkup is required to ensure that surgery success. And the patient should visit the clinic twice a year to get the cleaning done around the surgical area.

The professionals who do the dental procedure in Abu Dhabi would also recommend a regular visit to the clinic should be done at least twice a year for preventing any dental issues.

Gingivectomy is the most cost-effective, easy, and common dental procedure, which benefits the customer with a remarkable recovery. Ensure to get it done by the trained or experienced dental surgeon only, to ensure no collateral damage. But we should also follow the regular dental care at home to ensure a good dental health.

Laser Dentistry now in UAE from your best dentist in Abu Dhabi!

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Quick facts:

  • 50 million Americans suffer from moderate to severe gum disease.
  • 40 million Americans with gum disease are not aware that they have it.
  • Only 3% of those who are aware, seek treatment.
  • Gum disease also known as periodontal disease is the most common infection in the United States—more widespread than cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  • Easy to prevent, yet when left untreated, can lead to devastating effects well beyond tooth loss.
    Reference link:

How can lasers be used in Dentistry?

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For over two decades, lasers have been used in dentistry to treat a number of dental problems. Lasers release energy in the form of light. In surgical and dental procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or as a vaporizer of tissue. In teeth-whitening procedures, the laser acts as a source of heat and enhances the effect of tooth-bleaching agents. For laser dental whitening in UAE, contact AESMC today.

Why are lasers preferred in Dentistry?

Laser dentistry presents a minimally invasive option at AESMC for the best complete oral care Abu Dhabi. “Oral issues that can be addressed using lasers include gum surgery, cavity treatment and root canal procedures”, says Dr Prathiba Johnz in the UAE. Laser dentistry is an option for children who become anxious or afraid during dental treatment.

According to dentists at AESMC, a medical clinic that provides the best complete oral care In Abu Dhabi, Laser Dentistry offers an easier procedure and shorter recovery time. It is a convenient solution to many oral and dental problems, whether serious in nature or cosmetic. For dentistry consultation near Abu Dhabi, please call us now.

Why would I prefer laser dentistry over traditional dentistry?

  • Laser dentistry will cause you less pain and discomfort relative to traditional dentistry.
  • You are less likely to require sutures.
  • Anesthesia may not be necessary.
  • Lasers sterilize the gums, making infection less likely.
  • Less damage to your gums, so you will heal quickly.
  • You will lose less blood compared to traditional surgery.

What dental treatments are possible with lasers?

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  • Tooth decay- to remove decay within a tooth and prepare the surrounding enamel for the filling.
  • Root canal infections-remove bacteria during root canal procedure.
  • Gum disease- to reshape gums.
  • Biopsy for cancer assessment.
  • Lesion removal in the mouth and pain relief from canker sores.
  • Teeth whitening- to speed up in-office teeth whitening procedures. A peroxide bleaching solution is applied to the surface of the tooth and activated by laser energy

According to an April 28, 2017 report by CERRITOS, California-PRNewswire, “Medical professionals use lasers, which are extremely focused light beams, to alter or remove tissue in small amounts. Thanks to the ‘The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry’ (IALD), over 900 patients with moderate to severe gum disease have been treated at no charge to them! Often, these patients are uninsured or underinsured and cannot afford treatment on their own or have refused traditional treatment out of fear,” adds Robert H Gregg II, DDS, IALD Program Director. “These individuals now have access to a minimally invasive laser treatment and, most importantly, hope for the hopeless teeth.” Gum disease is a chronic infection that impacts the entire body and is linked to stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, certain cancers, diabetes, pre-term birth, erectile dysfunction, pre-term and stillborn infants.

For the complete article, please refer the link below:

AESMC, Abu Dhabi, now offers the best complete oral care, UAE. Special Procedures at AESMC, one of the best dental clinics in Abu Dhabi include Gums Depigmentation, Prosthetic Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Jewelry.

Dr. Prathibha Johnz in Abu Dhabi specializes in root canal treatments, veneers, lumineers, smile designing with cosmetic restorations & laser assisted procedures of whitening.

For the best laser dental treatment in Abu Dhabi, call Adam & Eve Specialized Medical Center today. Discuss your laser treatment options with one of our dentists. To know the cost of root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi, call us now.

Get counseled for the eating disorders that you may have overlooked!

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Eating could be counted among the most fundamental needs of life species on earth including the humans. Frankly speaking, eating has been cherished more as a fancy by us and we feel soothed! It is really not difficult to find out why! The simple fact is that we all love eating the foods that we like. But what if our eating habits get skewed? Most of us do not recognize such conditions in our lives and continue to define the limits and contours by self. From the health perspective, experts have labeled some conditions as anomalies and they call them eating disorders. Leading health center and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi have found increase in the number of such cases wherein, people suffer from such disorders.

Have you ever noticed yourself eating at irregular intervals and disproportionate quantities? This could be the eating disorder. Ironically, people do not know and they really do not accept it! Top Abu Dhabi medical center has been assisting the patients through the simple counsels that are easy to incorporate in life and living. AESMC is a medical center near Abu Dhabi that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders which cause undesirable health profiles in individuals. Medical literature broadly categorizes three different types of eating disorders that are –

Anorexia nervosa

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This condition is characterized by a contradiction wherein people who are actually leaner or even underweight perceive themselves as obese. They develop a habit of eating less and in extreme cases it has been found that they severely restrict their diets to minimum or even less! Many also keep weighing themselves at short intervals just to keep track of their weight. According to a reputed medical center near Abu Dhabi, this condition could be fatal for the person who tries to maximize the starvation tendencies. Malnutrition is a common problem associated in such cases while the essential protein intake also gets affected.

Psychological counseling health center and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi have been reporting instances of suicide by such patients, especially by women who are more vulnerable to developing such negative thought for self. Experts caution that this condition should be arrested at the earliest and counseling is the first step. Such assistance is delivered generically to ensure that mind accepts the balance and diet gets appropriately balanced.

Bulimia nervosa

In this eating disorder, we do find sort of balance in diet; but the same has been achieved through mutually converse behaviors regarding eating. Persons affected with bulimia nervosa find urge for excessive eating at times and they willfully enjoy their fancied foods. However, the twist develops when these individuals engage in correcting the excess diets through harsh measures which include forced vomiting & purging out, fasting for days and excessive exercising. Some even depend on the enhanced use of laxatives or/and diuretics to get rid of extra calories that they have swallowed through heavy eating. Specialists at Abu Dhabi medical center AESMC say that while such people generally succeed in maintaining their normal weight through their contradicted eating behavior, they still need counseling to find the real natural balance!

Binge eating disorder

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This is the most common eating disorder in US and is fast growing in different regions of world including Middle East, opine experts at health center and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi. In this disorder, people engage in excessive eating and unlike bulimia nervosa, this is not followed by any fasting, exercising or vomiting/purging behaviors. The result is that most such people are obese and continue gaining weight with time. Diet control is the main weapon to counter the condition of obesity; while general counseling of the person instills in him, the balanced approach towards eating.

Many of us have overlooked these eating behaviors. It is high time that we re-examine our eating habits and get counseled for the best results and a healthy life profile.

What is Physiotherapy?

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Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy is assuming importance in improving physical and mental health according to medical professionals at AESMC-medical center in Abu Dhabi.

Physiotherapy also known as Physical Therapy is the branch of medicine used to diagnose and treat injuries, diseases or disabilities by physical means. The objective is to reduce pain and maximize function by using evidence-based techniques. Professionals at AESMC, prominent among health centers and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi, opine that Physiotherapy helps to restore mobility and normalcy in a patient’s life as much as possible.

Physiotherapy at AESMC-Abu Dhabi Medical Center.

The full-fledged Physiotherapy Department at AESMC-specialized medical center Abu Dhabi– is proud to offer the services of Dr. Prasanna Balabaskaran- a graduate in Physiotherapy from Dr. MGR Medical University, India. Dr. Balabaskaran specializes in manual therapy, trigger point release, orthopedics and sports injuries.

What is the origin of Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy techniques were believed to be used as far back as 460BC when the Greek physician, Hippocrates, and his contemporaries practiced massage and manual therapy.

What are the elements of Physiotherapy?

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The Physiotherapy Department at Adam and Eve-a specialized medical hospital in Abu Dhabi offers the following services:

  • Manual therapy.
  • Patient education and advice regarding pain management and disease/ injury prevention.
  • Enhancement of physical strength, function, and general well-being while treating the underlying issues.
  • Holistic approach to treatment by considering patient lifestyle.
  • Management of chronic and acute health conditions

What is the scope of Physiotherapy?

The specialized medical hospital in UAE, AESMC, suggests that

  • Physiotherapy is advisable for all age groups from infants to the elderly.
  • Areas that may benefit include musculoskeletal, orthopedics, rheumatology, respiratory, neurology, sports injuries.

According to a recent article published on 10-09-2018 by the Health Times, “prescribed exercise from a physiotherapist supports better mental health.” To know more, please follow the link below:

What is the procedure?

According to doctors at AESMC, the specialized medical hospital in UAE, a physiotherapist may employ a variety of techniques, determined by the specific nature of the injury/disease/disability that requires treatment.

  • Manual therapy: Moving the soft tissues and joints improves circulation, releases excess fluids from the body and relaxes tight muscles and spasms.
  • Electrical stimulation of nerves: Electric currents of controlled intensity are administered to the affected part. This helps to contain the pain signals, thus preventing them from reaching the brain.
  • Acupuncture: This is a great way of stimulating the central nervous system, minimizing pain and relaxing tight muscles.
  • Demonstration: Teaching and demonstrating proper movement patterns to the patient to facilitate self- recuperation.
  • Functional testing: Assessment of the patient with regard to his/her physical movements.
  • Acupressure: Use of fingers, palms, elbows, feet or special devices to apply pressure to ‘acupoints’ on the body’s meridians. Stretching or acupressure massage is also used.

What are the side effects of Physiotherapy?

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The side effects are minimal. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks associated with physiotherapy according to expert opinion at the AESMC medical clinic, Abu Dhabi.

Pain: Pain may increase while you recuperate and recover. To relieve such pain, oral pain medicines may be administered before a session of physical therapy. Heat and cold therapy may also be used.

Swelling: This is common because the tissues, muscles, and ligaments are stretched in order to strengthen them. The general guideline here is to stick to the course and complete it according to physicians at the AESMC medical center in Abu Dhabi.

An interesting article published by the Health Times on 31-07-2018 focuses on creating awareness about the prevention of sports injuries. Please follow the link below:

For more tips on general health awareness and preventive health, please call AESMC, one of the best clinics in Abu Dhabi today.

How do you care for your newborn ‘bundle of joy’?

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Parenthood is one the best and amazing experience that anybody can have. Where you do a lot of work and still find the time is less for all activities. You want to get everything perfect for your little bundle of joy, which has completed your family. The initial months of parenthood along with newborn are overwhelming, busy, sleepless nights, and chaotic. You do everything which is best for your newborn. And when you are surrounded by friends and family, you’ll be flooded with suggestions and care advice, which make you more nervous and confused to decide what to do or what not.

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Taking care of a newborn child is very challenging and very tiring but unexplained wonderful experience or journey in your life. Child pediatric doctors in Abu Dhabi suggests following on how to take care the newborn:

1. Feeding Cycle & Burping: The most important aspect and above all is feeding the child on time. A newborn required to be fed every 2-3 hours, means you need to nurse the child 8-12 times, depending upon the feeding done. For the initial six months, a newborn should be breastfeed only. As per best pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi, breast milk contains the important & vital antibodies and nutrients which are very necessary for the baby’s growth and survival. These vital nutrients build the immunity of the child. Nursing or feeding should be done at least 10-15 mins. If breastfeeding is not possible then consult the child pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi to check which formula milk can be given to the child.

After feeding another important task is to get the child burped, as while feeding newborn also swallow the air, which can cause colic or gas. Burping ensures that any excess gas expels out and .milk is properly digested. Take the child chin on your shoulder and slowly pat the back until a child burps.

2. Holding the Newborn – Newborns can’t hold up head independently as they are not strong enough, this is known to all. You should hold the newborn head and neck with one hand and bumps with another. It takes 3 months time when a neck can support the head on its own. So, you should pay attention while you hold the kid.

3. Clean Diapering – Another important point to take care of is changing diapers on time. It is important to frequently change the diapers of the newborn as they will be regularly wetting the same and will also have regular bowel movements. Newborns are very prone to infections, so ensure to keep them clean. Always be ready with a clean sheet, gentle wipes, rash cream if needed, or an antibacterial powder and good quality diapers. Even if a newborn does not do anything for 2-3 hours, do change the diaper, suggested by a best pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi.

4. Massaging & Bathing – Massaging helps the newborn in soothing to sleep. It helps in digestion and improving the blood circulation. It also helps to bond with your child. Take a small quantity of oil on your palms and gently massage the body. Children’s doctor in Abu Dhabi recommends massaging as an integral part of the overall growth.

Post massaging, giving a bath to the newborn with Luke warm water and a mild body wash or soap. Gently clean the baby’s hair, scalp, genitals, face, and neck. Bathing should be started when a cord gets dry and fall off itself, else infection could happen. Once bathing is done, use the soft towel to clean the body and use mild cream or lotion to apply on a body, get him/her dressed in soft and clean clothes.

5. Regular Visit to Pediatric: Initially you need to visit the pediatric every week, so as to ensure the good health of the child. Subsequently, visits will be done as suggested by the pediatrician for vaccination.

Best children’s doctor in Abu Dhabi offers and is also available online to help you out with this struggle.

Do problems with the dental pulp affect you adversely? ‘Endodontics’- specialized dentistry is now available.

Dental Bridge Repair

Our fast-paced life and changing lifestyle affects our daily routine habits too, under which one such practice is not taking care of dental health. Poor dental health or hygiene later results in very painful and bad situation, which sometime can’t be handled. But nowadays due to modern techniques and medical advancements in the dental health industry allows us to deal with such critical problems in a much easier way, but it doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of teeth. Remember your smile with beautiful teeth is always acted like an icing on a cake in your overall appearance.

Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

One of the dental problems is an infection in the pulp of the teeth. If you get this problem then it would be very difficult to bear that pain as it goes from your teeth nerve to jaw bones. And the infection can also affect or reach the Jaw bone.

Lets’ first understand the structure of the teeth. Our teeth are made of three parts, which are

The Enamel – It gives the glittering white luster and hardness to the teeth.
The Dentin – It resides in the enamel, soft and yellow in color. But hard as compared to enamel, with this, your teeth are able to stand.
The Tooth nerve or pulp – It resides in the upper part of the teeth but extended down to the root canals and joins the tissue to the jawbone.

For development of the teeth, a nerve plays a key and vital role. The nerve of the teeth is very vulnerable to infection by bacteria. And by any chance, if your teeth nerve is get infected by the bacteria then result will be a severe and unbearable pain. And bacteria can also distress the jaw bone and further skull.

What Causes the Damage to Inner teeth?

• Accumulation of plaque.
• Infection from the bacteria.
• Fracture in the jaw.
• Injury due to an accident.

It is advised that a tooth, which is infected, should be treated as soon as possible without any delay as it can lead to major issue later. Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi offer advanced treatments for dental issues.

But now one of the modern techniques is available in dental care which can help to cater this issue, an Endodontic, available at Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi.

What is the Endodontic procedure?

Dental Crown Treatment

In simple language, in Endodontic dental procedure nerve of the teeth is being removed along with bacteria and then nerve chamber of the teeth is filled and dental crown is placed to cover the teeth. Sometimes it is also called as Dental Bridge Repair.

The Endodontic is the term or name given for the treating the problem of nerves, arterioles, tissues, and pulp of the teeth. It is a specialized dental treatment which helps to restore the teeth as under this process internal structure of the teeth is restored. An endodontic procedure should be performed by a well-trained Dental expert or Endodontist only in Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi as it involves complex root canal practice or Dental Crown Treatment too.

How Do I Know That I Need an Endodontic Procedure?

• Inflammable and tender gums.
• Instant sensation while you drink the hot or cold liquid.
• Not able to chew properly and feel tenderness.
• Teeth’s discoloration
• Pain in the lymph nodes.

How Endodontic Dental Procedure is done?

This requires 2 to 3 visits to a dental clinic or an Endodontist. Initial assessment is done by the trained Endodontist of the infected tooth, post which he will do an X-ray of the teeth and jaw bone to check the intensity of the infection.

Once the initial examination is done, on the area of surgery a protective sheet is placed inside the mouth to ensure area remain saliva free and a local anesthesia is applied. Then, an infected tooth is opened to remove the pulp. Then opened fraction of the teeth is appropriately cleaned, shaped, and a rubber-like material i.e. a gutta-percha material is filled in it, it is compatible with the gums and teeth. Then an opening is closed by proper cementing to seal off the teeth completely with the crown.

Experts in the field of  Dental Bridge Repair or Endodontic or Dental Crown Treatment uses modern technology like digital imaging for x-ray, ultrasonic instruments, fiber optics, and microscopes for checking infection intensity. Endodontics helps you to restore your teeth to a level like original natural teeth’s are.

Should I go to a doctor only if I am sick? The importance of preventive health.

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People often think that they need to see a doctor or have health check-up whenever they are ill or have gone through some injury or accident only. Today everyone is so much involved in their fast moving life that they ignore their health and its care. Apart from this, we are also consuming junk food, sugar, caffeinated beverages, aerated drinks, alcohol, and doing smoking, which adversely impacts our body. In our busy schedules, there is no time for exercise or physical activities too which can minimize theirs after effects. This is also resulting in many hormonal imbalances, diabetes, mental disturbances, depression, cancers, and heart diseases. And when you have children and elderly people, then it is very necessary to take care of them to keep them healthy, as they are more prone to season change and environmental issues.

Seeing all these it becomes very important & critical to take preventive measures for your health. It’s very important to have regular health checkups to avoid any major diseases as preventive health is as important as seeing a doctor in a critical situation. We all have heard to that “Prevention is better than cure”, and it is damn true for today’s world after seeing the existing environmental conditions. All these issues can be prevented by a proper health planning and taking relevant health-checkups regularly in medical center Abu Dhabi.

A health checkup should be done for everybody irrespective of the age group. Several medical organizations over the world emphasis on or suggest to have regular health checkup on a monthly or yearly basis. Various medical centers in Abu Dhabi really understand the importance of preventive health checkups and provide a budget-friendly solution or health packages to all. The right preventive action or measure is said to be the right decision when you see its results. The Medical checkup in Abu Dhabi is guided and done by the experts only after assessing the person and their need. A medical center in Abu Dhabi offers dentistry, pediatrics, ENT, and physiotherapy services which can be taken by anybody.

When Should I go for a preventive health checkup?

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There is no specific time, you can go anytime or as soon as possible to get your preventive health checkup done. Best clinics in Abu Dhabi, initially assess your body structure and take your family history details, then suggest the required tests which are needed. These clinics are equipped with all modern technology devices which are handled by the experts only and also have reliable doctors known in the industry for their work. They have many health packages too, which you can opt for.

How Preventive healthcare does help?

medical center Abu Dhabi

In any case, preventive measures or health checkup gets precedence above all, because of the following reasons, if you understand the importance of your body health.

  1. Cuts down the overall medical cost.
  2. Induces healthy habits.
  3. Give overall body knowledge and its anomaly i.e. you’ll be ready with Body Heath Card.
  4. Helps deal with heredity diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.
  5. Early diagnosis of the disease is done.
  6. Boosts overall immunity of your body.

With changing lifestyle changes or disorders, some diseases like a heart attack or diabetes are no longer the disease of old age, young people are more prone now. A pro-active preventive health care is needed to avoid the unwanted shocks of your life. Now it’s your choice to make a large investment in case of major disease or have proper health checkups scheduled on a monthly or yearly basis in Best clinics in Abu Dhabi. Keep in mind healthy mind gets reflected by the healthy body only.

Nutrition deficiency-a detriment to your child’s growth?

pediatrician in Abu Dhabi

What is a nutrition deficiency?

pediatrician in Abu Dhabi

Dr. Shajahan Mohammed in UAE-AESMC, explains that your child’s body requires micro nutrients- different vitamins and minerals for growth and prevention of disease. Since micro nutrients are not produced naturally in the body, your little one has to get them from his/her diet.

A nutritional deficiency arises when the body doesn’t absorb or get micro nutrients in adequate quantities from food. Deficiencies can lead to a variety of health problems related to digestion, skin disorders, stunted or defective bone growth and dementia.

For concerns regarding nutrition deficiency in your child, please call AESMC for a consultation with a child pediatrician in Abu Dhabi.

What causes nutritional deficiencies?

  • Unhealthy diet lacking in essential nutrients.
  • Disease or medication that hinders the absorption of nutrients.

For specific information about nutritional requirements for your child, call Adam and Eve Specialized Medical Center to consult with a child pediatrician in Abu Dhabi.

Is your child’s diet nutrient-rich?

child pediatrician in Abu Dhabi.

Your child needs different amounts of nutrients at different ages. According to the latest American Dietary Guidelines, a wholesome diet for your child should provide the following nourishment:


    • Encourage your child to have whole grains such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice.
    • Limit the intake of refined grains such as white bread, pasta and rice.


    • Encourage seafood, lean meat and poultry, eggs, beans, peas, soy products, unsalted nuts and seeds.


    • Get your child to eat/drink fat-free or low-fat dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese or fortified soy beverages.


    • Include a variety of fresh, canned, frozen or dried fruits in your child’s diet.
    • Limit fruit juice. Go for 100 % juice without added sugars and limit the number of servings.


    • Serve a variety of fresh vegetables-dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, starchy and others, each week. If you use canned or frozen vegetables, look for options that are low in sodium.

What foods should you limit in your child’s diet?

    • Added sugar- brown sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, honey. Substitute this with naturally occurring sugars found in fruit and milk.
    • Saturated fats fats from animal source such as red meat, poultry and full-fat dairy products.
    • Trans fats-foods that contain partially hydrogenated oil.

For questions regarding your child’s nutrition or diet, talk to your child’s pediatrician-Dr Shajahan Mohammed in UAE, one of the best pediatricians in Abu Dhabi.

What are the two most common nutrition deficiencies observed in children worldwide?

1. Iron deficiency

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 30 percent of the world’s population is anemic.

Please refer the link below for more information:

What are good sources of iron?

Dark leafy greens, red meat, egg yolks.

2. Vitamin D deficiency

The Harvard’s School of Public Health suggests that about 1 billion people worldwide don’t get enough vitamin D. Please refer the link below for more information:

What is the role of Vitamin D in your child’s body?

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones. It helps the body maintain the appropriate levels of calcium needed for the development of teeth and bones.

What are the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency?

  • Stunted or poor bone growth
  • Osteoporosis, caused by deficiency of calcium and vitamin D

What are some of the sources of Vitamin D?

Natural food sources of Vitamin D are few:

  • Fish liver oils
  • Fatty fish
  • Mushrooms
  • Egg yolks
  • Liver

What is the best natural source of Vitamin D?

The best source of vitamin D is sunlight. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), five minutes to half an hour of midday sun exposure twice a week on the face, arms, neck, or back can provide your child with enough vitamin D.

For consultation with one of the best pediatricians in Abu Dhabi, please call AESMC today. Dr. Shajahan Mohammed in UAE has over a quarter century of practice in acute and chronic pediatric cases with specialized experience in nutrition deficiency, growth/development and pediatric allergy.

Nuclear Medicine at Specialized Medical Center, Abu Dhabi

Nuclear Medicine at Specialized Medical Center, Abu Dhabi

How is nuclear medicine different from other diagnostic procedures?

General imaging techniques usually depict anatomy and structure. Nuclear medicine imaging available at the Radiology Department of AESMC-a specialized medical hospital in the UAE, focuses on physiological processes within the body, such as chemical activities or metabolism rates. ‘Hot spots’ are areas of high intensity which indicate high levels of radiotracer accumulation. In contrast, ‘cold spots’ are areas of low intensity where low concentration of radiotracer indicates less metabolic activity.

Why do physicians at health centers and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi prefer nuclear medicine as a tool for medical diagnosis and analysis?

  • Nuclear medicine eliminates the need for surgery to diagnose internal problems. Functional images provide physicians valuable information regarding your health.
  • Imaging detects changes in the functions of organs early. For example, reduced blood supply to the heart is identified with a nuclear medicine examination well before a patient exhibits symptoms such as chest pain.
  • A nuclear medicine scan is relatively less expensive and yields precise information compared to exploratory surgery.
  • Doses of radiotracer administered are relatively low, which is acceptable for diagnostic exams. So the radiation risk is very low compared with the potential benefits opine doctors at AESMC, one of the best clinics in Abu Dhabi.

How safe is nuclear medicine?

Nuclear Medicine at Specialized Medical Center, Abu Dhabi

  • There are no known long-term adverse effects as per the expert opinion of medical professionals at AESMC, the reputed medical center, Abu Dhabi.
  • The ‘Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information’ states that about one-third of all procedures used in modern hospitals involve radiation or radioactivity. The procedures offered are effective, safe, and painless. Please follow the link below to understand better: anesthesia.

What medical conditions can be diagnosed with nuclear medicine?

Nuclear Medicine at Specialized Medical Center, Abu Dhabi

The structure and function of an organ, tissue, bone or system within the body is visualized by medical practitioners using nuclear medicine imaging procedures. The following medical conditions can be identified and analyzed:
• Blood flow.
• Coronary artery disease.
• Damage to the heart following a heart attack.
• Treatment options such as angioplasty and bypass heart surgery.
• Problems in blood flow and respiration.
• Fractures, infection and arthritis.
• Metastatic bone disease.
• Painful prosthetic joints.
• Seizures, memory loss and abnormalities in blood flow.
• Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.
• Parkinson’s disease or related movement disorders.
• Urinary tract obstruction.
• Hypertension/high blood pressure related to the kidney arteries.
• Kidneys infection versus scar.
• Urinary reflux.
• Stage of cancer/the presence or spread of cancer in various parts of the body.
• Evaluate response to therapy.
• Detect the recurrence of cancer.

How is the procedure performed?

The patient will require inhaling, swallowing or receiving an injection of a radiopharmaceutical/radiotracer/radioisotope which is a radioactive material. He/she will then lie down on a table, while a camera records pictures.

How does the radiotracer work?

The radiotracer accumulates in the organ or area of your body being examined. Here, it releases a small amount of energy in the form of gamma rays. Special cameras detect this energy, while a computer creates pictures with details on the structure and function of the organ/tissue.

What are the types of imaging techniques available at AESMC, Abu Dhabi Medical Center?

  • Position emission tomography (PET).
  • PET scans may eliminate the need for surgical biopsy and identify the best biopsy location by determining whether lesions are benign or malignant.
  • PET scans offer additional information that is used for radiation therapy planning.
    Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)
  • PET and SPECT can help analyze the effectiveness of the treatment used.
  • PET and SPECT offer insights into psychiatric conditions, neurological disorders, and addiction.
  • Targeted molecular ultrasound is used to detect different kinds of cancer.
  • Magnetic resonance solography is used to diagnose cancer and metabolic disorders.

How to prepare for a nuclear medicine examination at the AESMC Medical Center in Abu Dhabi?

  • Please keep your doctor informed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Mention recent illnesses, medical conditions.
  • Inform about allergies and medications you are taking.
  • You will be instructed on what to eat/drink beforehand.
  • Remove jewelry.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may be provided with a gown.

For more information please contact Adam & Eve Specialized Medical Center, Abu Dhabi, today.

Together Let’s End Alzheimer’s

alzheimers treatment in Abu Dhabi

If you are a realistic movie lover then you should give yourself a chance to watch ‘Still Alice’, a 2014 movie based on the best seller novel written by Lisa Genova. Which depicts the story of Alice, who gets Alzheimer’s, her struggle and how she handles it.

Life is too short to live in worries and too long to occupy all your happiness and good memories. So read the whole blog with a smile, positive thoughts and get acquainted with what is Alzheimer’s, how it develops, what are its symptoms and how to overcome it? And if you need to carry out a medical checkup in Abu Dhabi about alzhiemer’s, then visit the nearest medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

What is Alzheimer’s?

what is alzheimers
Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that slowly destroys thinking skills and memory. It is irreversible and a progressive brain disorder, which ultimately affects the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. In the recent studies, it shows that there will be an increase in the last year’s figure of 4,300 cases to 32,000 by 2030. In Alzheimer’s, the brain cells degenerate and die, which causes a rapid decline in the mental functions and memory.  Alzheimer’s is accompanied by a group of symptoms which expresses slowly and one by one. And not just one symptom alone is enough to make the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Forgetting something, sometimes does not make Alzheimer’s diseases, sometimes even we forget to off the stove or don’t remember where we have kept our eyeglasses and so on. It’s hard to remember everything and sometimes forgetting is the best blessing we ever have, like forgetting the loss of a loved one or our broken pieces of love life and so on.

What causes Alzheimer’s?

what causes alzheimers

Alzheimer’s occurs when the brain cells are damaged and are not able to renew them. There are many reasons behind Alzheimer’s some of them are as follows:

  •  Age: with the passage of age, Alzheimer’s is a sure thing to come. A person of 70-80 age have greater chances of having Alzheimer’s. In normal conditions it usually develops after the age of 60. The age-related changes in the brain include atrophy (shrinking) of parts of the brain, the production of free radicals – which are unstable molecules, inflammation and breakdown of energy production within cells. Scientist are researching more on how age-related brain changes cause Alzheimer’s.
  •  Plaques: These clusters of a protein called beta-amyloid may harm and decimate brain cells in different ways, incorporating meddling with cell-to-cell correspondence. In spite of the fact that a definitive reason for brain cell death in Alzheimer’s isn’t known, the gathering of beta-amyloid outwardly of brain cells is a prime suspect. To find out the real cause behind Alzheimer, have a medical check-up in Abu Dhabi by booking an appointment today itself.
  •  Tangles. Brain cells rely upon an inward help and transport framework to ‘carry’ nutrients and other vital materials all through their long extensions. This framework requires the normal structure and functioning of a protein called tau.

In Alzheimer’s, strings of tau protein twist into abnormal tangles inside brain cells, promoting failure of the transport system. This discontent is additionally involved in the decrease and death of the brain cells.

  •  Family history and genetics: The chances of developing Alzheimer’s is higher if a first-degree relative (your parent or kin) has the disease. Researchers have distinguished rare changes (mutations) in three genes that fundamentally ensures a person who acquires them to develop Alzheimer’s. Yet, these transformations represent under 5 per cent of Alzheimer’s ailment.

Most hereditary systems of Alzheimer’s among families remain to a great extent unexplained. The most grounded chances of quality specialists have discovered so far is apolipoprotein e4 (APoE4), however, not every person with this quality goes ahead to build up Alzheimer’s diseases. Other hazard qualities have been recognized, however not convincingly affirmed. There are MRI and CT scans available in the medical clinics in Abu Dhabi to examine the disease’s confirmation.

The other reasons include:

  •  Depression
  •  Thyroid problems
  •  Medication side effects
  •  Vitamin deficiencies
  •  Excess use of alcohol
  •  Environmental
  •  Lifestyle Factors

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

symptoms of alzheimers disease

  •  Memory loss affects your daily activities – unable to keep up with the appointments.
  •  Trouble doing a familiar task e.g.: using the washing machine
  •  Trouble in problem-solving and critical thinking
  •  The issue with speech or writing
  •  Getting to be bewildered about time or places
  •  Weakened judgment
  •  Reduced personal hygiene
  •  Temperament and personality changes
  •  Withdrawal from friends, family, and community

When you identify the onset of symptoms, it’s best you don’t make your own conclusion that you have Alzheimer’s, instead get confirmed from medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

What to do next?

You started to notice the symptoms and feel that some things have changed, soon take a doctor’s appointment and take the necessary steps and tests. You can surely reduce its progress, begin a treatment with medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

You may feel angry, denial because you are unable to accept the fact that you have Alzheimer’s, depression, resentment, relief for finding the reasons behind the misery, fear, isolation, sense of loss and many more. But remember you are a true fighter.

Create a safe and positive environment:

Its true and have to face the reality that your relative or family member is having Alzheimer’s, some people need time to make themselves believe that they are suffering through this, because of which they will deny all the help you do and rejects being treated as a patient. So give them some space and time.

  •  Keep their things, wallets and other things in the original place itself.
  •  Joining for yoga (if you are in the age and have the health to practice it) and meditation can help a little.
  •  Never miss any appointments. Make sure you go on a regular basis and take a medical checkup in Abu Dhabi.
  •  Always keep an eye on the patient as they may forget how to return.

Remember, all the beautiful things come in life when you have a beautiful smile and a positive thinking. Stay close and run the fight!